Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Learning Lightroom 4

I now use Adobe Lightroom as my go-to software for raw conversion, printing, and keeping track of my photo library (almost 30,000 images and growing). Lightroom underwent a major overhaul in the transition from version 3 to version 4, with the primary controls for tonality all changed in significant ways. So training up a little on how best to use the new controls is in order.

I have found George Jardine’s video tutorials extraordinarily helpful, and recommend them enthusiastically. George’s instruction is comprehensive (over 5 hours of instruction in this video series), aimed directly at photographers, and avoids the pitfalls of technical discussion for its own sake on the one hand, and uninstructive casual chit-chat on the other.

For those who prefer a short and sweet approach, this article on optimizing exposure using LR4 by Charles Cramer may be helpful.

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