Saturday, March 28, 2015

Iridient Developer supports Fuji shooters

Some of the major raw development software packages do a mediocre job with files generated by the unique Fuji X-trans sensors, and some just won’t handle these files at all (DxO). After my switch from Nikon to Fuji I experimented with different raw developers, and one I have come to appreciate is a boutique program called Iridient Developer. One thing I especially like is the time and effort the software developer puts into emulating the Fuji film simulation settings with their distinctive color palettes and tonal contrasts. These presets have been continually improved and updated, and the latest batch look spectacular. There is one set of software presets for Fuji APS-C sensor cameras (including my X-E2) and another for compacts (including my X-20). I’m delighted to have these in my digital photography toolkit. Thanks, Iridient!