Monday, January 3, 2011

Nikon School

So Nikon School came to Syracuse last October, and I’d always wanted to go, so I signed up for their more advanced seminar. It wasn’t cheap, but I figured there wouldn’t be lots of other opportunities to do this in my home town, without adding in additional travel expenses and so on.

It was a day-long seminar, hosted in tag-team fashion by a couple of well-known professional photographers - Reed Hoffman and Michael Schwarz. As you would expect, their presentations were polished and entertaining, and they covered a very broad range of digital-photography related topics, but none of them in as great a depth as I might have liked. I did learn a couple of things, but mostly it was a refresher on a lot of stuff I had learned already by reading books and frequenting online photo forums, etc. I don’t regret going at all, but I think it would have been more useful earlier on my learning curve. For someone relatively new to digital photography, it would have been a gold mine of information.

The audience was disproportionately white guys in late middle age with a pretty good spread going and a peculiar “business casual” kind of fashion sense. A bit odd to see myself among that kind of peer group (“are these my homies now?”). But it was entertaining, and nice to spend a day thinking about nothing but photography.

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